2020 May

Why Odoo Partner Is The Best Choice Over Freelancers?

Odoo ERP's popularity and favoritism are rising as days go by. The reason behind this crowd following ERP is the availability of various modules and applications that are ideally suited to the needs of a specific industry. In various branch fragments, be it accounting, banking, human resources, manufacturing, point of sale, or any vertical business Odoo has shown its extensiveness.

And the public wholeheartedly supports the Odoo ERP features and functions. Today the ratio of Odoo implementation among the company is rising, no matter whether small or big.

Similarly, as a client, we're still in a confusion for our Odoo Implementation as to who we can trust, Official Odoo Partners or Freelancers? Every task is obviously having its own unique character, there is no single answer that is the "right" choice. And often choosing between a freelancer and an Odoo Partner Organisation can sometimes be challenging.

Through this blog, I share a few observations, show the pros and cons of each, to enable you to make the right choice Why you choose Odoo Partner to conduct your Odoo ERP over Freelancers.

To define the complex problems, business processes, practices, systems, and work of each department, such as sales, purchasing inventory, and so on, implementation of ERP needs a professional, domain-rich qualified experience who can work closely with customers. So as to develop an Odoo ERP software that suits your business successfully, your development partner will also have a detailed understanding of all these areas.

In the case of an odoo freelancer, it is not necessary for the person to have expertise in all sectors of the industry. He can have just certain specialization but not in all dimensions. And this can be a challenge to your project if its specialist domains surface with your need. But, it changes when it comes to Odoo partners. With a range of professionals in various fields such as Odoo Partners and Odoo Functional Experts, Odoo Service Providers, Odoo Technical Experts, Professional Consultants, Testing Teams you will be trained. Odoo partners should have long-standing experience meeting growing business needs, and they can adequately complement your needs. Upon every completion of the project, Odoo partners / Odoo service providers leave their footnotes. Through their portfolios, one can be sure of the facilities, domain resources, job efficiency, and methodologies of Odoo Partners / Odoo service providers. You will quickly analyze and cross-check their portfolio with their previous partners before giving them the final word about the project.

Meeting deadlines with freelancers is yet another problem. The freelancers would be working in tandem with different projects. To take up one single job at a time is not necessary for them. They could be cluttered with multiple tasks that threaten your missing deadlines and qualitative outcomes. Their involvement with more than one project at a time also contributes to difficulties in preparing and coordinating the work schedules and contributes to frequent project postponements. However, at each and every level, an Odoo partner or service provider will uphold the professionalism. They stick to the agreed deadlines and ensure that the projects are performed in a timely manner which also guarantees industry standards.

The problem with Odoo Freelancers

  • Freelancer has its own drawbacks since he is the only one to make the right to customize and after support from implementation. Its future availability can not be guaranteed for any form of growth or maintenance.
  • Freelancers actually trade their time for cash rather than an entirely sincere sense of serenity. Sometimes never follow the official norms.
  • You can completely focus on your real assignments, such as how you can grow your company with Odoo Partners. So from qualitative/technical stuff bothering you can be surely relived.
  • Critical issues cannot be fixed quickly. Freelancers can take too much time or fail to fix problems.

Benefits with Odoo Partners

  • Provide technical and functional support, and scalability assistance. Partners provide versatile team size depending on mission and scope of operations and an official Odoo Partner can access source code from Enterprise Version and can provide Odoo's boundless services.
  • Odoo Partners are a group of very skilled, licensed, and specialized Odoo specialists. An official Odoo Partner can access source code for the Enterprise Edition and can deliver Odoo's limitless services.
  • Organizations have stringent compliances on confidentiality. Assures that best practices are followed to ensure no confidential information leaks out.
  • Odoo Partners have strong knowledge of Odoo Apps Design in a multidimensional context.

To limited customization jobs, or claim small tasks, the Freelancers should be restricted. It will pose risk to your project When you place a complete Odoo Implementation in the hands of a freelancer because of their limited knowledge of Odoo. Odoo ERP itself is vast and therefore requires a highly skilled and trained Odoo professionals to provide the fullest possible service.